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JIRA integration by IntegrateCloud. Quickly integrate Zendesk JIRA.


JIRA Integration App by IntegrateCloud allows the users to create JIRA issues right inside the Zendesk form. It also allows you to link existing Zendesk tickets to an existing JIRA issue. In addition, it allows Agents to notify JIRA team by sending comments inside Zendesk Support. You can check the working demo of the App here. For help please click on the following link: Features The App has 4 tabs, 'Create Issue', 'Link Issue', 'Notify' & 'Info'. ** Create Issue: -** When clicked on the Create Issue tab it loads the JIRA project, JIRA Issue type and based on the selection it will load all the JIRA fields like reporter, assignee custom fields The User can make the selection and click on Create Issue which would create issue in JIRA and then display the corresponding JIRA Id in the App. Link Issue: - This tab allows you to link an existing Zendesk Ticket. It can be linked to one or multiple JIRA issues. ** Notify: - ** This tab allows the user to send notifications to the JIRA team which would show up as comments in JIRA. ** Info: - ** This tab shows you how to send JIRA comments into Zendesk as Internal notes for two-way communication.

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