WFM with automated scheduling, actionable forecasting, and robust reporting.

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Assembled is a Support Operations platform that helps companies maintain exceptional customer experiences, no matter what lies ahead. Leading brands like Stripe, Zoom, Etsy, and Autodesk use Assembled’s workforce and vendor management capabilities to make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into performance and productivity, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs.

The Assembled App for Zendesk helps your team stay coordinated by making individual and team schedules directly visible within the ticket sidebar and top bar. In addition, agents can receive real-time updates on changes to their schedule as well as reminders of upcoming events.

Note that the App is not required to use Assembled's integration with Zendesk for volume, forecasting, and productivity metrics.

Why Assembled?

Get actionable forecasting right out of the box. Our out-of-the-box, easy-to-configure contact volume forecasting gives you everything you need to make accurate and efficient headcount and scheduling decisions.

Create flexible schedules quickly and intuitively. Powered by templates, keyboard shortcuts, and blazing-fast workflows, scheduling in Assembled is 60% faster than WFM alternatives. Quickly and easily create optimal schedules based on forecasted requirements, time zones, and more.

Make data-driven decisions with robust reporting. You and your team deserve so much better when it comes to metrics visibility. That’s why our analytics experience is purpose-built to optimize scheduling, manage your team, and hit key metrics.

Unlock company-wide visibility with data access. Use our open API and CSV exports to pull performance metrics into and out of your own business intelligence tools like Looker and Tableau for leadership-ready reporting.

Connect to your existing tech stack and workflow. Unify data from your favorite contact platforms and collaboration tools so teams can focus more, and context-switch less.

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