Sync Zendesk tickets with Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, Salesforce, Azure DevOps,etc


Exalate is the leading cross-company integration solution that synchronizes data bi-directionally between multiple issue trackers, ticketing systems, CRMs, or task management systems.

Exalate offers a forever Free Plan.

With the Free Plan you can:

  • Synchronize up to 1000 tickets per month.
  • Automate your syncs using the trigger functionality.
  • Generate basic sync rules like subject, description, comments, and attachments.
  • Perform bulk synchronization for large sets of issues.

Note: The Free Plan is automatically activated once the Evaluation expires.

Features for the Premium Plan include:

Limitless flexibility to fit your unique synchronization scenarios. Sync almost anything including subject, description, attachments, comments, status, custom fields, etc.

Comment impersonation: Exalate adds a comment, received from the other side on behalf of the proxy user, but you can change it to reflect the original comment author.

Connect and synchronize Zendesk with single or multiple instances.

  • Use the groovy-based scripting engine for maximum flexibility in configuration, for technical users.
  • Use the Visual mode for intuitive, seamless, and no-code drag-n-drop builder for easy configuration, for business users.
  • Use the Basic mode with the Free Plan for automatic configuration of basic fields such as subject, description, comments, attachments, and straight out-of-the-box synchronization scenarios.

Secure, Reliable, Real-time Synchronization Process

Exalate has been built to ensure that all changes are applied in case of failure or upgrades through the advanced transactional engine feature. Along with a security feature that gives complete control over shared data.

Decentralized Integration

Get complete autonomous control over both incoming and outgoing information, on each side of the integration. The only solution built for both cross-project (internal) and cross-company integration scenarios.

Unlimited number of connections, syncs, and triggers. Can connect to any number of instances

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