Create Opsgenie alerts for your Zendesk tickets and take actions.

Opsgenie is a modern incident management platform which empowers Dev & Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents. Opsgenie provides the tools needed to design actionable alerts, manage on-call schedules and escalations, and orchestrate communication & collaboration during incident resolution process.

Opsgenie provides a powerful integration with Zendesk. When a new ticket is created in Zendesk, you can create a corresponding alert in Opsgenie. Opsgenie provides rich notifications based on on-call schedules, rotations and escalations; to ensure the best incident management for Zendesk users. Opsgenie's integration to Zendesk enables you to:

  • Manually create alerts in OpsGenie for Zendesk tickets. Updates to the Opsgenie alert such as acknowledging or closing would be reflected to the alert details shown in the Zendesk ticket.
  • Add responders to your Opsgenie alert right from your Zendesk ticket to route the alert to a specific user or team.
  • Close your Opsgenie alert right from your Zendesk ticket when the ticket is resolved.

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