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WooCommerce Orders Sync your WooCommerce order details effortlessly with the free Order Sync with Zendesk for WooCommerce Plugin. This integration ensures that all orders and related tickets from any customer are visible within the Zendesk app. This streamlined process simplifies ticket resolution, contributing to greater customer satisfaction.

Key Features

1.Real view-You can view the order status of your tickets associated with them as soon as the orders sync.

2.Order Details-It shows your WooCommerce store's customer order details.

3.View on Priority-You can see the top five orders at one place.

4.WooCommerce Integration-It plays an inevitable role in integration between your WooCommerce account and Zendesk dashboard.

5.HPOS Compatible-Our Zendesk Integration is compatible with the HPOS functionality of WooCommerce.

6.Chat History- Customers can view full chat logs with agents for raised tickets in the Ticket-History section. The history is displayed in a chat popup in response order.

7.Pre-requisites- The Zendesk application will work only with the free Order Sync with Zendesk for WooCommerce plugin listed in the wordpress.org marketplace.

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