Ticket Field Magic

Ticket Field Magic enables hide, disable or require on submit for ticket fields


Ticket Field Magic offers a complete solution in ticket field configuration, no more serparate apps for require on submit or hide ticket fields. Ticket Field Magic is the first app that combines it all and adds the feature to disable (grayed out) ticket fields.

Notice: Due to Zendesk product limitations, Field Value configuration for multi-select fields is not possible at the moment.

Key Features

  • Make ticket fields invisible and uneditable with the hide option;
  • Disable a ticket field to be altered but still visible (grayed out);
  • Configure a ticket field to be required on submit;
  • Hide or disable specific values in dropdown fields;
  • Configure all ticket field options to apply to agents only or for everyone (including admins).

Use Cases

  • Legacy/archival data;
  • Compliancy purposes;
  • Proces tracking feeded by macro's, automations, triggers, admins or 3rd party data input;
  • Advanced API data integrations;

The first week is on us! After installing your free 7 days trial will start so you can tryout this application without any worries.

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Works with
Ticketing System
Price (USD)
Free 7-day trial, then $1.00 per agent, per month

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