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Automate routine tasks inside Zendesk using a no-code workflow builder.

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HappyFox Workflows is an advanced workflow automation solution, designed to expedite support processes, improve organization-wide productivity, and reduce human errors.

Automate specific parts of your support processes within or outside of Zendesk Support. Auto-update ticket fields, Auto-route tickets or collect approvals, based on various properties of a ticket, all using workflows.

Be it follow-ups, reminders, or skill-based routing, Workflows help avoid deviations due to manual errors and ensures consistency and process adherence. Take full advantage of a wide range of available actions to define a detailed multi-step workflow.

Receive webhooks from any 3rd party systems to automatically update information inside your help desk. You can also soon post webhooks to other products and facilitate two-way synchronization between your help desk and other apps.

You can build powerful workflows with several steps across multiple products using a simple and intuitive UI without any coding knowledge. You no longer have to depend on your Engineering team to run costly automation projects.

Key features

  1. Create new Tickets, Contacts, Organizations, Agents, and more entities in Zendesk.

  2. Update existing Zendesk Tickets, Contacts, Organizations, Agents, and other entities.

  3. Implement multi-stage Approval Workflows for your existing support workflows in Zendesk.

  4. Build custom forms and perform condition-based ticketing actions inside Zendesk.

  5. Extract data from support ticket subject/body and automatically set ticket and end-user fields.

  6. Implement diligent time-based workflows for any business scenario.

  7. Run automated workflows across your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support applications.

Trigger workflows automatically based on events in any of the apps.

Read more at HappyFox Workflows home page.

Please refer to our support center for how to use HappyFox Workflows.

HappyFox Workflows also Integrates with popular help desk and CRM solutions:

  1. HappyFox Help Desk

  2. Salesforce

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