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Manage customers and orders from your WooCommerce store in Zendesk Support

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This beautifully simple app gives you a comprehensive view of each customer and their order history, making it easy to provide personalized support and a better customer experience. You'll save time and money by having contextual information presented to you within Zendesk, without the need to juggle multiple platforms or perform manual searches. Important actions can also be taken with a single click, empowering both you and your agents.

There are no potentially risky plugins to install in your WordPress account and the app supports all native WooCommerce functionality and product types. Simply start a free 7 day trial to seamlessly integrate Zendesk Support with your WooCommerce store.

Contextual information when it's needed

The app will display the customer associated with the ticket by default, but you can search for and view other customers at any time. The Orders table allows you to view all orders associated with the customer (or guest) and even search for other orders within your WooCommerce store.

View customers and their orders in WooCommerce

On the Orders page you can:

  • View all orders associated with the ticket requester

  • Search for other customers and orders within WooCommerce

  • Filter orders by ID or a search term

  • Sort orders by ID or their created date

View order details

On the Order page you can immediately access:

  • The order number, created date and status

  • All product line items in the order, including unit prices, quantities, subtotals and taxes

  • Product line item SKU and variation details

  • Product line item discounts and refunds

  • All fee line items, including subtotals and applicable taxes

  • All shipping line items, including subtotals, taxes and the items contained in the shipment

  • All refund lines associated with the order

  • Discounts and coupons that have been applied to the order

  • The note left by the customer when placing the order, if present

  • Custom meta data from the order (configurable through app settings)

  • Order payment history, discounts, payments from the customer and any refunds

  • Whether the customer was a guest when then placed the order

  • Customer details including name, email address and billing/shipping information

  • Customer metrics including age of the account, lifetime value and average order value

  • All notes associated with the order

Enterprise-grade features without the price tag

Because common actions can be performed within Zendesk without the need to switch tabs, you'll be able to spend less time working on tickets and more time building better relationships with your customers.

Update WooCommerce customers and orders from within Zendesk

This powerful app allows you to:

  • Create new customers

  • Edit the details of an existing customer

  • Search for and view the details of another customer

  • Change the status of an order

  • Update the billing and shipping details of an order

  • Refund an order (in part or in full)

  • Apply coupons to an order

  • Add customer or private notes to an order

  • Link customers and orders to tickets in Zendesk

  • Click through to customers, orders and products within WooCommerce

  • Copy order details to the ticket comment field or clipboard

With much more on the way!

One more thing

Did you know that we can also improve your customers' ability to self-serve? If you'd like to reduce ticket volumes and increase overall after-sales customer satisfaction, check out our range of easily configurable Zendesk Guide themes.

If you have questions or thoughts about how to improve this app, please contact us as we value your feedback. We can also build a custom Zendesk Support, Chat or Sell app that supports any of the official WooCommerce extensions.

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