Predictive Insights and Automations to Power Realtime Support

Empower Your Zendesk Agents with Realtime Resolutions

Solve deep technical issues on the fly. When your agents are equipped with contextual product data and automations from TheLoops, first contact resolutions become the norm. TheLoops correlates all of your customer, product and operations data into your Zendesk service tickets in order to identify the customer issue, present recommendations, and initiate workflows all in a single view. We integrate with popular digital product tooling, DevOps and customer systems (see our integrations here).

A Mission Control View of Your Support Operations

By stitching together your cases, engineering tickets, CRM data, and product analytics, TheLoops provides support leaders a mission control center with actionable insights only a data scientist could produce. TheLoops mission control center is where you can: - Understand agent performance, identify knowledge gaps - Manage ticket backlogs with impact analysis - Predict churn and revenue risk based on sentiment analysis - Align support and engineering teams by correlating revenue, product and ticket trends in realtime Learn more

Predictive Insights Agents Can Act On

Increase your agents’ productivity with a suite of predictive analytics. Analyze all of your customer data from operational alerts to service ticket entries to your CRM. No more scrambling through screens. Agents are provided with a complete picture of the customer without ever leaving the Zendesk Agent Workspace. Learn more.

Ensure Top Customers Get Top Service with Impact Segmentation

TheLoops allows you to triage your service ticket backlog with customizable impact scoring– customer-at-risk, ticket impact or agent effort. With customizable impact scoring, you set segmentations that match your business needs and prioritize the most important tickets to solve first. You can also set service-level objectives which TheLoops will monitor and alert, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Process Automation Scales Agent Productivity

With every contextual insight TheLoops serves up the next most likely process step, whether that is an escalation or merging trending tickets into one. Support operations managers have the agility to adjust process flows implemented throughout your support systems for real-time updates. By automating process steps and interactions with other applications TheLoops reduces the burden of: - Agent training - Agent issue documentation - Resolution document creation - And many other time consuming operations tasks

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