Manage your Zendesk configuration as-code, using DevOps best practices

Salto is on a mission to change the way business applications are configured and managed. By bringing concepts from the software development world, Salto empowers business applications’ operators to automate and streamline the way they plan, build, deliver, track, debug and document configuration changes across their application stack.

To that end, Salto built a platform that translates the applications’ configurations into human readable code - giving their operators increased observability and control, saving them time, errors and agony. This helps you understand how changes in configurations affect your company’s entire integrated application suite, so you can later plan and deploy those changes with confidence, as well as audit them, and identify and address the root cause of issues.

With its Zendesk support, Salto enables you to create deep visibility into your Zendesk configuration, search it, version control it in Git, understand the impact of your configuration changes (within Zendesk and across other business applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, Jira and Workato) and even enables compliance requirements when dealing with Zendesk configuration changes.

Moreover, using Salto for Zendesk, you can compare your sandbox and production accounts, move changes from sandbox to production and vica versa, revert changes and much more!

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