Easily manage configuration changes, align instances and copy changes between them

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Salto helps Zendesk admins to better manage their Zendesk instances by automating manual error-prone tasks such as change migration, documentation and more.

Main features

  • Full-text search to find anything in your customization, so you won’t have to waste time manually searching your account setup.
  • Where is it used for all configuration types, so you can easily understand where elements are being used and avoid broken triggers/flows.
  • Copying features/changes made in a sandbox to the production environment, so you won’t need to manually rebuild them.
  • Compare any two instances and detect the differences quickly, so it’s easier to track down what needs to be aligned.
  • Use a simple Find and Replace to make bulk changes while maintaining all the references in place.
  • Leverage Git to document changes in your configuration, so it’s easier for the team to be aligned on the recent changes and roll back to a previous version if needed.

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