Sync between Zendesk and Pipedrive to help your sales reps determine who to contact and when

Pipedrive is a powerful sales CRM and pipeline management software. Zendesk offers a ticketing system designed to help companies track, prioritize and solve customer support interactions. Integrating between the two helps sales and support reps see the bigger picture and improve their customer communication.

Using the Pipedrive integration, reps can access Pipedrive customers’ information from Zendesk and vice versa, thereby eliminating the need to switch between apps and promoting both a speedy resolution and a better sales workflow.

By installing the integration, Pipedrive users can pull the following information from Zendesk:

  • Ticket number, subject, and status
  • Ticket creation date and last update time
  • Participants

And Zendesk users can pull the following information from Pipedrive:

  • Deal title and status
  • Deal value and its currency
  • Last update time

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