Reduce your turnaround time and costs by up to 75% with automated processes using piSolve.

piSolve from AutomataPi Solutions

Reduce your turnaround time and costs by up to 75% with automated processes using piSolve.


piSolve for Zendesk Support app simplifies and streamlines workflows by automating the most common transactions in your inbox. The app comes in-built with categorization for transactions and its self-learning algorithms learn as you use the application to augment your customer service capabilities.

piSolve is a cognitive case management tool built on top of the piStack automation platform from AutomataPi Solutions. The solution comes in-built with edge analytics, a full featured business process engine and integration layer to connect easily with other applications.

AutomataPi Solutions is an outcome driven automation company working in the domains of E-commerce, BFSI, Manufacturing & Logistics. This has helped us in identifying specific problem statements in the creation of piSolve.

piSolve for Zendesk is tuned for E-commerce and BFSI sectors:

  • Support all your online shoppers from a single helpdesk.
  • Spend more time selling.
  • Support common transactions categorization and assignment freeing up your agent's time and save on training.

Your first month inclusive of $1000 credits are on us. Our easy signup process allows you to quickly get started and explore the full feature-set of piSolve.

App Benefits

  • Auto self-learning categorization of cases
  • Auto rule-based case assignment
  • 80% estimated reduction in time in categorization and assignment
  • 75% estimated reduction in turnaround time
  • Pre-configured Ecommerce transactions such as.
    • Order Status
    • Change of shipping address
    • Cancel Order
    • Return Order
  • Pre-configured BFSI transactions such as.
    • Update Bank Details
    • Relationship Manager details
    • Nominee Updation
    • Account Suspended or dormant
  • STP user flow journeys for
    • User detail changes such as name, email, phone & address
    • Extensible to have templated autoreplies for categories.
    • Extensible to integrate with multiple systems for say status enquiries
  • The integration can be extended to have a One-View presenting a uniform view across applications to your agents easily
  • The integration can be extended to have a guided and conversational agent assist with tickets, helping with uniform ticket resolution and saving training time

The STP (Straight Through Processing) workflows help in reducing the turnaround time of the processes giving your end-users an always available and quick resolution for their common queries. Our automated agents will assist in making your team organised and coordinated to work faster on the support tickets.

With piSolve, your business journeys are automated end-to-end. Cut your response time dramatically by having all your customer information in one place. piSolve gives you the tools to solve issues at the speed of light.

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