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Bloomreach Engagement

A single platform that combines the power of a customer data platform, email, messaging, ads, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and web personalization so you can create marketing campaigns across channels that drive revenue.

Power Customer Experiences with Unified Data

Remove data silos and unify customer data from any source into 360° customer profiles. Use this data to launch personalized campaigns in real-time through Bloomreach Engagement built-in channels.

Easily Activate your Data Across Channels

Pick the channels you need to deliver remarkable and connected customer experiences. Select from our wide portfolio of built-in channels and orchestrate them into a meaningful journey.

  • email,

  • SMS,

  • web/mobile push,

  • in-app messaging,

  • WhatsApp,

  • Adtech audiences,

  • webhooks, or

  • API.

Enjoy Powerful Integrations and Web hooks

Connect to various 3rd-party services through our built-in integrations or use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to design highly personalized journeys your customers will love.

Build Unique Experiences Across All Channels and Devices

Drag-and-Drop Personalized Omnichannel Journeys

Give your marketers total control over every aspect of the customer journey. Add real-time triggers, customer segments, conditions and channels, and design end-to-end automated omnichannel flows.

Rocket-fast Time-to-value With our Plug and Play Use Cases

Maximize your ROI thanks to our out-of-the-box use cases enabling you to launch hyper-personalized marketing campaigns and advanced dashboards that follow best practices in no time. Capitalize on Bloomreach expert knowledge collected over years of working with top players on the market.

Recommend the Right Products

Offer the right products regardless of channel. Use any of our 12 out-of-the-box recommendation templates powered by advanced AI algorithms and deliver a consistent experience across all channels.

Advanced Predictions the Easy Way

Predict customer behaviour, or find the best time to send an email with a few simple clicks. Our prediction templates powered by smart machine learning algorithms will help you create intelligent and highly-targeted campaigns.

Zendesk Integration

Access information stored in our Single View of the Customer from within the sidebar of a Zendesk ticket:

  • Aggregates: customer attributes that are calculated from already existing data.

  • Expressions: Formula that serves as a derived attribute.

  • Properties: Data stored about a customer

  • Predictions: Ranking your customer with a different degree of probability to complete certain actions (e.g. purchase, visit, churn). Derive insights from the past, and present to predict future behaviour.

  • Segmentations: These allow you to group customers based on their attributes and activities, and help you to understand how these groups differ from each other.

  • Recommendations: We offer a wide selection of product recommendation models, enabling you to select from over 12 out‑of‑the‑box recommendation templates ready to be deployed on your website, emails or other available channels. For advanced users, we offer the possibility to create a custom recommendation model based on your specific business needs.

  • Consents: manage your subscription policies and track any changes to consents for every customer.

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