WhatsApp Connector by Respira

Integrate WhatsApp with Zendesk Seamlessly.


This app will require you to have an active Sunshine Conversations license. If you would like to learn more about purchasing a Sunshine Conversations license, please speak to your Zendesk representative who will be happy to help.

Automate your WhatsApp Messaging

The WhatsApp Connector by Respira enables your agents to send WhatsApp notifications from the Zendesk user interface, and enables your administrators to set everything up with zero coding. It works out of the box!

Respira Internet

In particular, the WhatsApp Connector by Respira extends Zendesk Support functionality, enabling you to:

  • Send templated WhatsApp notifications easily using Zendesk Support Macros.

  • Add proactive WhatsApp notifications to your triggers and automations.

  • Allow other applications or integration tools like Zapier or Workato to send WhatsApp notifications.

  • Send WhatsApp notifications when specific events occur, for example when receiving an email from a VIP or with a given subject.

  • Create WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns.

  • Send WhatsApp notifications in bulk.

  • Track your messaging activity using Zendesk Support Views and Zendesk Explore Reports.

You will also improve your customer experience by:

  • Adding images, documents, videos and links to your WhatsApp messages.

  • Avoiding the 24h response limit from Facebook.

How it works

The WhatsApp Connector by Respira integrates your Facebook Business account, your Sunshine Conversations Account and your Zendesk instance.

It then uses the Sunshine Conversations API to send the notifications and the Zendesk API to create tickets, update views, etc. so your agents can see what is going on directly in Zendesk Support.

Developed by Respira Internet.

About Respira Internet

Hi there! We are Respira Internet, a small, Spanish based Zendesk Partner.

We help businesses of all sizes improve their Customer Support and other business processes by integrating Zendesk with the rest of their IT Systems.

We are your go-to Zendesk partner if you need to send WhatsApp Notifications automatically, a customized Zendesk app, a customized Zendesk Guide theme, or a quick and reliable Zendesk Onboarding service.

Please contact us if you need an app, a theme, or consulting services.

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