Automated customer insights from your Zendesk conversations

Do you know what your customers say in Zendesk?

Qualitative customer insights automatically

Twyg makes it easy to understand your customer problems, so that you can spend time on your customers happy. Save time by letting Twyg automatically extract and summarise insights from your chat conversations from Zendesk.

Say goodbye feedback tagging and analysis in spreadsheets. We make it easy to identify customer pain points and feedback, so that you can improve CSAT, NPS, Growth and Retention.

Teams that use Twyg:

  • Save hours of manual work each week

  • Analyze feedback from 5x more customers compared to manual analysis

  • Discover 60+% more relevant feedback compared to manual analysis

  • Understand your customer's main problems in 5 minutes


  • Automatically identify relevant feedback in Tickets and Chat

  • Easy to filter, serach and understand insights

  • Quick to install and free to try

Twyg offers dashboards with two-levels of tags, listing of all your conversations with endless filtering and search options and 5-min executive summaries of the feedback from last week to make sure you have the pulse of your customer

With a simple 1-click connect, your entire team can access the insights of your conversations. Get started today on

About Twyg:

We help customers analyze feedback from more than half a million users. Twyg uses powerful AI-models to automatically scan and extract relevant insights from your customer conversations. We support up to 25+ languages and have customers in 3 continents. Twyg is free to try and built to be affordable for any team.

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