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REAL Commerce support - View/modify order, shipping, payment data (+more) across stores.


Shopify Premium for Zendesk Support

Shopify Premium for Zendesk is THE leading Shopify integration app for Zendesk. The only true enterprise integration for Shopify - rated one of the Top Zendesk Apps!

No more shuffling between apps. agnoStack™ now makes it possible to Search, Modify and Create Orders and Access Real-time Commerce, Shipping and Payment Data directly inside Zendesk.

Now offering CartCollab(SM), an entirely new way for agents to share carts and collaborate with customers.

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For step-by-step instructions on how to configure the application, please see our Onboarding FAQs.


Shopify Premium for Zendesk is the powerhouse app retailers have been waiting for, loaded with industry-leading tools to turn your customer service team into SuperAgents.

Customer order history*

Allow agents to instantly view historical customer orders as soon as they open a ticket. Never keep your customers waiting again.

Order basics/details*

Get basic order details as well as line items, real-time shipping updates, and payment transactions. No more bouncing between apps to find what you need.

Order search/filter/sort/lookup*

Your agents can perform lightning fast, real-time searching, sorting and filtering to rapidly locate exactly what your Customer needs support with.

Pin ticket order*

Agents can pin an Order to a Ticket to ensure details are immediately available when it is moved between agents or is re-opened.

Refunds Processing*

Allow agents to process full, item-level and partial refunds (depending on platform).

Advanced Macros*

Quickly build re-usable replies containing real-time data from your commerce, shipping and payment platforms.

Customer Insights*

Surface additional data from third-party marketing automation platforms directly inside of our Order and Customer Detail screens.

Order Capture/Rapid Re-Order*

Perform a rapid re-order or a new order on-behalf of your customer, leveraging your full product catalog and a fully PCI-compliant checkout flow.

Multiple Provider Configurations*

Connect multiple platforms and/or storefronts into a single, unified view of your customer's orders.

\ * Denotes Paid Features. Detailed pricing and tiers can be found at

Customers always first, including ours

If something is broken, you're missing a feature or think something could be improved, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us any time at We're here for you.

Always Optimizing

We've got a laundry list of features on our roadmap and look forward to continuing to improve your support experience as we grow!

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Platform agnostic to grow with you from day 1 to day 100

"agnoStack™ Omni-Channel Commerce" now available for: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento 2/Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento 1, ElasticPath, CommerceTools, and WooCommerce at: agnoStack Omni-Channel Commerce!

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Free 14-day trial, then $24.00 per agent, per month

Our Premium package includes Real-time Shipping & Transaction Status, Order Search, Advanced Timeline, Order Refunds, Advanced Macros, Customer Insights and Multi-Brand support - and more!


Free 14-day trial, then $34.00 per agent, per month

Our Enterprise package includes all Premium functionality plus Quick Re-Order, Order Capture/CartCollab, Order Modification, Order/Item and Partial Custom Refunds, Catalog/Product Search, Advanced Reminders - and much more!

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