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UpBrains Xtract

UpBrains Xtract is an intelligent document reader that can make the content of attached images and PDFs accessible and searchable. It extracts the textual content of image and PDF attachments in a layout-preserving manner and can extract key fields from attached PDFs/images or the content of a Zendesk ticket itself. It inserts the extracted information as an internal comment and can be configured to send the extracted information to a third-party endpoint.

  • Supported attachment file formats are PDF, PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIFF, BMP and WEBP.
  • UpBrains Xtract OCR can read handwritten text in images and supports more than 30 languages.

Extracting attachment text with Xtract OCR Once configured, UpBrains Xtract integration gets notified whenever there is a new ticket or a ticket comment with attachments. The standard integration offers Xtract OCR which converts any PDF and images, including screenshot images, into layout-preserving text and inserts as an internal comment.

Extracting information from ticket text UpBrains Xtract can be configured to extract key entities and fields from the text of tickets using an intelligent AI extractor with no coding.

Extracting key fields from a document UpBrains Xtract supports a variety of document types and can extract key fields from attached forms, invoices, purchase order, bills, receipts, IDs, and more.

UpBrains Xtract Capabilities UpBrains Xtract offers the following capabilities:

  • Xtract OCR – extracts the text from images and PDFs and produces structured text resembling the original layout of the document.
    • Xtract Forms – extracts information from forms with training starting with only one sample for some forms.
    • Xtract Prebuilt – extracts information from a handful of document types with our pre-built models for documents such as invoices, purchase orders, biils, ids and shipping related documents such as bill of lading.
    • Xtract Custom – can be trained with a small data sample set to extract key fields from ticket content and documents.

More Information Please view the setup guide at UpBrains Website to get started with a free trial on OCR or pre-trained models or contact us for more information and help setting it up in your account.

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