Auto Remove Attachments

Automatically redact attachments from tickets

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Automatically delete attachments from tickets

  • Redact tickets automatically and remove their attachments

  • Redact attachments after the tickets are closed and your team is not working on them anymore

  • Redact files from tickets in your backlog: new, open, pending or solved tickets

  • Set up your own list of file extensions allowed

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Benefits to your team

  • Become GDPR compliant without the extra work

  • Keep your organization safe from malicious files

  • Runs in the background and does all the repetitive heavy lifting on your team's behalf

  • Helps you to stay compliant with GDPR by deleting any unused attachments with sensitive information.

Free 14-day trial, then starts at €50 per month

Learn more at How to redact Zendesk tickets automatically

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