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Help Desk Migration by Relokia is your comprehensive solution for smoothly importing customer service data from one platform to another. As a Zendesk Solution partner, we help you migrate and keep all information intact, from tickets and related data to knowledge base articles.

With thousands of migrations behind, we at Help Desk Migration the specific business requirements of different industries. So we are here to help you with migration planning, mapping setting up, filtering and customization to meet your specific requirements.

Help Desk Migration as a Zendesk Advanced Partner

Help Desk Migration offers a straightforward approach, facilitated by our Migration Wizard, which demands no coding expertise. Simply log in, configure your migration settings, run testing, and execute the Full migration when you're prepared.

Help Desk Migration Workflow

We understand the importance of your data. Our migration tool guarantees the integrity and accuracy of your transferred information, and our flexible options ensure that everything is transferred exactly as you want it.

Features & Options offered by Help Desk Migration

  • Expert guidance and services to ensure your data is migrated accurately.
  • The pricing depends on the number of records needing transfer so that you can set your budget effectively.
  • Custom development services to tailor solutions to specific migration requirements or import alterations.
  • Pre-built automation, such as adding tags, skipping attachments, or transferring content translations of help center articles.
  • Intuitive data mapping allows users to match default and custom fields easily, maintaining all the relations.
  • Run unlimited free demos to test different settings and mappings.
  • Dedicated live support is available to guide you and assist you when it is needed.
  • Migrate knowledge base articles and language versions between platforms easily.
  • Data security is prioritized throughout the migration and ensures compliance with global & industry security standards.
  • Customize the data transfer with robust filtering based on creation date, tags, or custom fields.
  • Concierge migration streamlines the import process, including planning, records mapping, and automated data transfer.

Why choose Help Desk Migration?

Help Desk Migration Benefits

What industries use our services?

Help Desk Migration serves a wide range of industries where help desk software is used to manage customer support, technical assistance, and other related functions.

Help Desk Migration Industries

What our customers say?

Help Desk Migration facilitates the seamless data import between different help desks, service desks, PSAs, and ITSMs, enabling businesses the smooth data moving while maintaining their support operations.

Help Desk Migration Customer Testimonial

Help Desk Migration Customer Testimonial

Help Desk Migration Customer Testimonial

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Help Desk Migration streamlines your help desk platform migration, simplifying the process for you. Begin your free trial today and enjoy seamless data transfer!


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