Istanbul, Turkey | 12 projects
Marasligil helps brands in Turkey to utilize Zendesk to its full potential within their workflows, be it with Zendesk's native features or custom-made apps & extensions.

As the first and main Zendesk Partner in Turkey, Marasligil Consultancy sets up, implements and customizes "The Zendesk Experience" for brands, tailored to their needs, that are ready to brace the perfect Customer Succesion in MENA region.

From Help Center themes to on-site training for agents and management teams, and designing the perfect automated solutions for efficient Zendesk usage; Marasligil worked with, but not limited to, the top 5 eCommerce sites and marketplaces in Turkey, government institutions and SMEs of all sizes.

Services offered
Development Services
Design/Guide Theming
Middle East & Central Asia
Partner type
Solution Provider


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