Zendesk Voice turns customer conversations into effective, organized interactions. You can deliver phone support today right from your computer or existing phone lines. All phone calls and voicemails are tracked and recorded onto a Zendesk ticket, so you can easily keep a close eye on the types of customer calls and the quality of your team’s support.


  • Voicemail$.013/min  
  • Inbound calls starting at$.016/min  
  • Outbound calls starting at$.028/min*
  • Phone numbers are $1 each per month.
  • English voicemail transcription is $.05 per minute.

* Price for forwarding calls to international and mobile numbers varies. Learn more.


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    Beautifully simple phone support

    Create a modern call center without the need for additional hardware. With Zendesk Voice, your agents can answer inbound or make outbound calls from their preferred browser, landline, or mobile. Voicemails are recorded and transcribed into Zendesk tickets. With every conversation or follow-up task organized in tickets, both agents and customers have a clear record of every phone call.

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    Real-time visibility into call activity

    Track and report on call activities?assuring phone support quality in real-time. Zendesk Voice comes with built-in dashboards that report on call activity and call history. You have an instant view of queue activity stats like calls waiting and wait times, as well as agent performance metrics. With detailed insights into all your call activity, you can see trends and better predict future support demands.

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    Take your phone support global

    Support customers from all around the world by adding national numbers with one click. Zendesk Voice is currently available across North America, Europe, and Asia?with more countries to be added in the future. If you?d like to suggest a country and have us notify you when it becomes available, please send us an email at [email protected]