Odense, Denmark | 500 projects | 6 certifications is the largest Zendesk Master Partner in Europe and we help some of the biggest brands optimize their customer service workflows by implementing best practice- and custom solutions in Zendesk, that can be seen on the bottom line. As both Master Implementer and Master Solution Provider we can help you with everything within Zendesk from licenses over implementations and custom apps to optimization. Besides that, we’re making popular apps and integrations for Zendesk Marketplace and have made integrations to Instagram, Shopify, HubSpot, and Google Drive to mention a few. We have already helped companies in Europe (EMEA), Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, US, Africa, etc. and we want to add even more countries and regions to the list!

We help you improve your customer service

Customers today demand good customer service. In fact, many predict that customer experience will be the key brand differentiator by 2020. At we help companies achieve a customer service so good, that customers keep coming back for more. And the best part is, that our solutions also optimizes your workflow and processes, so it can be seen on the bottom line (in a positive way).

Our services

We offer a range of services that are centralized around Zendesk. We use best practice techniques based on experience from our work with 80+ of the biggest brands. We're also makeing integrations for Zendesk Marketplace. Have a look at our services down below.

Zendesk Licenses

As a Zendesk Master Solution Provider, we’re officially resellers of the Zendesk Suite products. Get our guidance on which Zendesk products suits you best and buy the licenses from us.

Zendesk Implementation

Maybe you just started using Zendesk or maybe you’re still in the consideration phase. With our guidance, we can make sure that you’re off to the best possible start. Under the implementation process we can help you with:

  • Implementing Zendesk
  • Migration from another help desk system or Outlook and similar
  • Setting up the essentials
  • Basic training and workshop on how to use Zendesk

Zendesk Optimization

We have great experience in optimizing the way businesses are using Zendesk. We’re especially good at being creative and using the big potential that Zendesk has. If you already have Zendesk we can help you with:

  • Analysis of your current Zendesk setup
  • Design and implement customized solutions
  • Design and implement help center
  • Make custom integrations with 3rd party applications
  • Zendesk Intermediate and Advanced Training
  • Service Level Agreement
  • First- and second level support

Zendesk Apps

We’ve already made several apps for Zendesk Marketplace and have a lot in our pipeline. Common for all of our apps is that it improves the workflow, as well as centralize the customer service, so your agents never have to leave a ticket in Zendesk, in order to solve a customers inquiry.

Our Zendesk Apps:

Worldwide customer service

We have experience working in the following countries and regions:

  • Europe & EMEA
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • US
  • Africa

We’re used to working across borders and time-zones and we’re very interested in adding new countries to this list.

We’ve already helped some of the biggest brands and can for sure help you too. Give our website a visit and let’s get in touch.

Services offered


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System Integrator

CX Consultant

Public Sector Contractor

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Western Europe

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Eastern Asia

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Apps we've built

Unassign Logout
Free 7-day trial, then $1.89 per agent, per month
HubSpot by
Free 14-day trial, then $7.00 per agent, per month
Google My Business Channel
Free 14-day trial, then $35.00 per month
Pipedrive by
Free 14-day trial, then $4.00 per agent, per month
Better Views by
Free 14-day trial, then $1.50 per agent, per month
Required Fields
Free 14-day trial, then $1.00 per agent, per month
Shopify by
Free 14-day trial, then $5.00 per agent, per month
Google Drive by
Free 14-day trial, then $3.00 per agent, per month
Instagram Channel
Free 14-day trial, then $39.00 per month
E-conomic by
Free 14-day trial, then $19.99 per month


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