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With the emergence of integrated applications, businesses need to ensure their customer information is easily accessible. Whether through your Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting, Billing, or Support tools, customer data must be available and actionable to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience.

With Recurly for Zendesk, you don’t have to switch to separate tabs or systems to view or change the subscription details of your customers. Your omnichannel view provides you a complete picture of each subscriber--what level subscriber, for how long, and how valuable--plus, Recurly for Zendesk gives you the power to pause, cancel, or refund your customers’ subscription without leaving the Zendesk interface.

If a subscriber is at risk of churning, the ability to pause their service is a great way to take a break from the subscription without canceling and losing their billing data, preferences, etc. It’s never ideal to have a subscriber cancel, but it’s a great learning opportunity to improve your retention strategy. If a subscriber requests to cancel their subscription, agents can do so immediately in the Zendesk interface, at the subscriber’s next bill date or at the end of the subscription term.

With Recurly for Zendesk, you’ll save time, optimize your revenue, and provide great service to your customers.

( provides a versatile subscription billing management platform to handle the entire subscriber lifecycle for market-leading brands worldwide. Growing subscription businesses such as Sling TV, BarkBox, Asana, FabFitFun, Cinemark and depend on Recurly to harness the power of the subscription model and drive recurring revenue growth. Since its launch in 2010, Recurly has deployed subscription billing for thousands of companies across 42 countries.

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