AI-powered Support Automation with GPT-based Answers and Tagging

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IrisAgent is a leader in support automation with AI-powered answers and tagging to help you boost agent productivity and speed up Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR). It delivers proactive support via real-time triaging and co-relation of cases to bugs.

On average, our AI-based approach proactively improves resolution times by 45%, reduces the number of tickets requiring custom responses by 35%, and decreases escalations by 60%.

Resolve common, repetitive tickets with AI

Save agents’ time and effort by automating responses to common, repetitive tickets. IrisGPT, a GPT-powered chatbot and AI answering engine, can scan your data repository to resolve customer issues without human interaction.

  • Automatically analyze previous tickets and knowledge base articles using our AI-powered resolution recommendation engine to identify and suggest appropriate responses.

  • Automate responses to common “how to” tickets using our no-code tools.

  • Automated workflows based on AI-powered tagging.

Automatic tagging and sentiment analysis

IrisAgent automatically identifies tags specific to your domain or industry and applies them to new tickets without agent intervention. Our AI also analyzes Zendesk tickets for language cues that reveal sentiment. IrisAgent automatically:

  • Routes tickets to the right agent based on their domain and expertise.

  • Prioritizes tickets based on urgency and business impact.

  • Detects sentiment behind Zendesk tickets to identify at-risk customers.

  • Uses built-in analytics to identify those product features with the most negative reactions so support and product teams can better understand the source of the most 'how-to' tickets.

  • Helps agents tailor conversations to the customer's product adoption journey and deeply empathize with their experiences – with the customer’s churn risk score, priority level and renewal dates at your agents’ fingertips.

Resolve tickets with real-time product and user context

Link Zendesk tickets with bugs, logs, and alerts from DevOps tools – Jira, PagerDuty, Datadog, Slack and others – to add context and prevent unnecessary engineering escalations. IrisAgent helps agents:

  • Understand the true source of issues in real-time directly within Zendesk.

  • Avoid delays caused by duplicative escalations by automatically consolidating similar tickets into a single escalation.

Contact us for a personalized demo and discover your IrisAgent can optimize your support operations.

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