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Search for agents or end users and update them in bulk

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The Super Admin app is a tool for bulk-updating agents and end users in Zendesk Support. A user with an admin role can search for agents or end users by several properties, and then either export the results or select certain agents/end users to update in bulk.

Searchable agent properties include:

  • Role
  • Groups
  • Name
  • Email
  • Tags
  • Suspended or Active

Update-able agent fields:

  • Role
  • Default Group
  • Add Tags
  • Remove Tags
  • Suspension -> active or suspended

Searchable end user properties include:

  • Keywords
  • Suspended or Active

Update-able end user fields:

  • Role
  • Add Tags
  • Remove Tags
  • Suspension -> active or suspended

For additional information and feedback, please see the app documentation and submit feature requests.

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