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AI-inside Triage tool for ticket categorization, smart auto-tagging (labelling)

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Classification (or triage) of the incoming tickets by adding (labelling) appropriate categories (tags) is the first and necessary step for customer request’s processing. It gives to you the chance to sort and prioritize tickets by business importance, problem emergency, product group or customer group. However, manual classification requires up to 10% of the overall working time so automation is the key for whole helpdesk performance.

Classifier is the easy-to-use, fully automatic, created on the state-of-art Artificial Intelligence technology tool with comprehensive taxonomy which covers all categories for e-commerce, retail, streaming, entertainment (including e-gaming), subscriptions, software, telecom, finance, banking, fintech, insurance, healthcare, travel, and any transactional or shipping/logistics business. All that you need for successful business from the box.

Enjoy a free 14-day trial to evaluate Classifier in real action with your tickets.

Key features:

  • Ready-to-use, pre-trained triage tool for E-commerce, Telecom, Finance, Banking, Fintech, Insurance, Healthcare and Travel/Entertainment business
  • Best in class experience (260+ categories for eight different industries) – created from real-life helpdesks in market-leading businesses across the world. We are working only with benchmarks on the market to help you to transfer the best experience and practice to your customer support
  • Deep industry knowledge – we are using two-tier categorization which consists of 80 categories for top level (Company, Products, Account, Payment, Order, Shipment, Card, Credit, Loan, Contract etc.) and 180 categories for second level (like Place Order, Cancel Order, Check Availability, Activate card, Transfer Money etc.) which are good for use for deeper classification
  • Intent identification (Know Exactly Why Customer Contacts You)\ High-growth brands cannot manage an influx of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating manual, time-consuming work, like shifting through queues, escalating issues, or processing transactions. Speed, Quality and Cost of answering matter…\ Classifier uses machine learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations, which can activate processes that expedite customer and support agents’ experience for more valuable engagement
  • Enabler for Automation (Use the ticket classification as key enabler for your helpdesk routine automation):
    • Classify tickets and automate Rules. Business rules and workflow engines can perform simple to complex tasks, like escalate conversations or update data based on class recognized by Classifier. Smart ticket workflow saves about 25% of total Support Cost (high performance, less staff, less infrastructure cost…)
    • Route Conversations. Specialize your agents around the reasons your customers meet your team. Use their experience for dramatic cutting of ticket’s Resolution Time up to 70%
    • Sent Auto Response. Responses to your most common questions can be automated, freeing up valuable time and energy of your staff and increasing overall Team Performance up to 40%

Everything you need for smart classification is in the start box now!

List of categories by industry


Company - About us, News, Careers, Stores, Wholesale, Marketing, Support, Contact us, Products – Catalog, Promotions, Explore products, Compare products, Get samples, Shipping options, Warranty options, Pricing, Account - Create account, Log in, Update profile, Reset password, Delete account, Balance - Inquiry, Orders - Check availability, Place order, Apply discount, Change order, Cancel order, Apply promo code, Status, Subscriptions - Purchase subscription, View subscriptions, Change subscription, Cancel subscription, Payments - Receive invoice, Make payment, Receive receipt, Additional fees, Change card, Change payment details, Change invoice, Statements, Recurring Payment Autopay, Due Date, Inquiry, Defer payment, Dispute - Dispute , Delivery - Starting delivery, Tracking status, Change date, Change address, Pick up parcel, Decline delivery , Usage - Unpack item, Learn instructions, Initial setup, Use product, Install product, Issue with product, Problem with usage, Returns - Request return, Prepare return, Shipping return, Return fees , Refunds - Request refund, Approving refund, Receive refund, Replacement - Request replacement, Approving replacement, Deliver replacement, Loyalty – Reviews, Gifts, Ambassadors, Rewards

Banking, Finance, Fintech:

Card - Activate Card, Cancel Card, Fee Inquiry, Replace Card, Report Missing Card, Request Card Member Agreement, Card shipping, Charges, Check balance, Compare, Due date, Fee Inquiry, Further comparisons, Last statement balance, Late fee, Lock card, Lost card, Make a payment, Minimum payment, Recurring transactions, Checkbook – Request Checkbook, Credit - Request Increase In Credit Line, Deposit – Set Up Direct Deposit, Operation – Transfer Money, View Activity, View Pending Charges, View Routing Number , Mortgage – Apply for Mortgage, Apply Load Before Home, Borrow Amount Inquiry, Close Loan, Closing Costs inquiry, Contact Mortgage Broker, Credit Score Inquiry, Get Pre Approved, How Much Down Payment, How to Lock Rate, Make Mortgage Payment, Minimum Down Payment Inquiry, More Than One Mortgage, Need FHA Loan, Private Mortgage Insurance Inquiry. Refinance Mortgage Inquiry, What Acceptable Sources Income, What Costs Involved, What Included Monthly, What Need Apply Mortgage, Loan – Status, Timelines


Agent - Transfer, Annual physical - Physical, Time – Ask open timing, Free at specific time, Free now, Costs – Costs of coverage, Session – End session, FAQ – Coinsurance, Coordination, Faq copay, Faq covered service, Faq deductible, Faq formulary, Fsa, Hdhp, Has, Network, Premium, Faq out of pocket, Doctor – Find, Initialize, Network, Benefits – List benefits services, Out of scope benefits, Initialize, Info - More info, Claims – Out of scope claims, Initialize , Questions – Out of scope questions, Authorization - Prior, Appointment – Schedule appointment, Symptoms


Quote – Get Quote, Policy - Add Beneficiary, Cancel Policy, Change Policy, Policy Inquiry, Remove Beneficiary, View Policy, View Insurance ID, Claim - File Claim, Required Documents Inquiry, Update Existing Claim, View Claim Status


Car rental - Compare cost economy, Compare cost luxury, Economy option, Larger vehicle, Luxury option, Reservation create, Return different location, Flights - Animals on board, Available miles, Book flight, Customer service, Frequent flyer club, How many suitcases, Is ticket refundable, Masks on airplanes, One way ticket, Round trip ticket, Senior discount, Baggage claim - Claim status, State claim type, Start claim


Device - Activate Device, Device Upgrade Eligibility, Recharge SIM, Return Device, Swap Device, Troubleshooting, Plan - Activate Prepaid Plan, Change Price Plan, Coverage Area Inquiry, Deactivate Prepaid Plan, International Rate Plan Inquiry, Price Plan Inquiry, Recharge SIM, Mms, Sms, New line add, Cruise plan add, Covers all lines, Plan cancel, Cheaper plan options, Activation fee, Other options, Charge type, Travel plan add, First option, Unlimited plans, Upgrade data, Bill reduction - Other options, Current service cancellation, Unfamiliar charge, Save bill, Initiate, Cheaper plan options, Payment charge type, Service Features - Add Service Features, Remove Service Features, Roaming - Activate Roaming, Deactivate Roaming, Roaming Inquiry, Insurance - Add Insurance, Network - Network Complaints, Network Unlock, Port In, Faq - Bill reduction, Plan, Support bot, New number, General plan, Troubleshoot, Troubleshoot - Router issue, Router placement, Outage issue, Outage timeline, Password change

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