Geckoboard for Zendesk Support

Easily build custom real-time dashboards for monitoring and sharing live support KPIs throughout the day.


Geckoboard makes it easy to share live Zendesk metrics with your team (and beyond), so everyone can see at a glance what needs nurturing, respond to problems in real time and be consistently awesome.

Create and share easy-to-understand dashboards that keep your team up to speed with what’s going on right now, and give the rest of the company visibility into your hard work. With Geckoboard it's easy to get eyes on the metrics that matter; connect your Zendesk account, and in seconds you'll be visualizing metrics like CSAT, ticket volume and first reply time like a pro - no training or tutorials required. Once you've tailored your dashboard to focus on the things your team cares about, sharing it is easy. Copy and paste a link to your live dashboard in a message to a colleague, bookmark it for easy access, or embed it in other tools. Schedule screenshots of your dashboard to be automatically sent around your organization over email or Slack, on a schedule you choose, using our snapshots feature. We've even made it straightforward to display dashboards on a TV or large screen in your workspace, using affordable, easy-to-source hardware.

Focus on important metrics

With their heads down answering tickets and focusing on customers, it can be tough for agents to see how things going and make decisions about where they should spend their time. Geckoboard helps you surface important support metrics like unassigned tickets, new and solved tickets so far today, CSAT, first response time, full resolution time, SLAs breached, SLAs achieved, top ticket solvers and more, so agents can decide what to focus on, and own their work without you needing to micromanage.

Prevent problems

Issues can often go unnoticed, but by surfacing real time metrics with Geckoboard, you and your team can see exactly how busy things are at any given time, spot bottlenecks, and prevent problems before they get out of hand. You can even bring metrics in from other tools including Zendesk Talk and Chat, for a top-down, omnichannel view of what's going on across all your support channels.

Stay energized

Highlighting your star agents on your dashboard is a great way to energize the team! With a bit of friendly competition, the whole team is inspired to raise the bar and lets them celebrate their successes.

Feel valued

Customer support teams often have their hard work overlooked, and deserve more recognition than they get. Sharing your dashboards or displaying them on a large screen in your workplace is a great way to shine a light on the whole team’s contribution to the business.

"We always optimize where we can. Geckoboard helps us work better, faster and happier without having to add people to the team." - Cory Archer, Director of Support, Databank

"Having a top-down view gives individuals the ability to easily switch focus to where it’s needed most." - Joey Wheeler, Director of Client Services, Autoloop

"Agents love it because they can see everything they need in one place. The rest of the company love it too because they simply didn't know what was going on in the Customer Care team before we shared our dashboards. It opens people's eyes to see that the team works so hard and gives visibility to the work they do throughout the organisation." - Logan Grooms, Director of Customer Care, Maisonettep

"Geckoboard’s Zendesk integration is unmatched." - Jodi Miller, Director of Customer Service, PayByPhone

Key features

  • Easily build great-looking dashboards using live data from Zendesk Support, with an intuitive interface anyone can use
  • View Support metrics alongside real-time metrics from Zendesk Chat, Talk and Sell as well as 70+ other tools using our code-free integrations
  • Give visibility to important metrics like ticket and tag volume, reply and resolution times, top ticket solvers, CSAT and more
  • Powerful filters help visualize data for specific groups, tags, brands, channels, assignees and more
  • Easy-to-interpret visualizations make it a breeze for teams to understand current performance in a glance
  • Effortlessly display your dashboard on a large screen or TV using a Chromebit, Chromebox or micro-PC (sold seperately)
  • Flexible plans to fit all budgets
  • Try completely free for 14 days, no credit card required

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