Holiday Import

Import holiday schedules from ICS

Import holidays to schedules in Zendesk from ICS. You may use ICS url to import custom holidays or use default preloaded ICS (Japanese National holidays)

Supports importing holidays up to two years in advance.

Note: Any events scheduled in the same ICS, (weekly meetings, personal events etc) will be loaded to import screen. It is recommended to create seperate ICS for importing holidays. Otherwise, you may manually deselect those unwanted events from being imported.


1.Install the App.

2.Set URL of the desired ICS. (or leave blank to use Japanese Holiday)

3.Go to app window and select target schdule for import.

4.Select holiidays by year button for the all events in the year, or select them one by one.

5.Press 登録する button to initiate import.


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