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Phedone is an API based NLP solution that enables you to apply powerful models to incoming tickets leveraging Artificial Intelligence, automating prioritisation and routing.


  • Improve your support team efficiency, reduce bouncing and lower their reaction-time by automatically tagging incoming tickets with pre-made or custom made models (with our no-code builder, from your data).

  • Use Phedone auto-tagging to automatically route your tickets to the proper agent/department with Zendesk routing rules

  • Make your support team more efficient by automatically extracting precious context informations from tickets

How it Works

Phedone leverage NLP Machine Learning models on demand and will fill your incoming ticket fields based on the results of the picked continuous analysis models such as products and touchpoints detection, priority, express review rating, summary, language detection and much more.


Click the Install button and follow the wizard, it requires a Phedone account.

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