Analyse 100% of your sales calls with Convin!

Convin is a conversation intelligence platform. We believe that customer conversations can be the thread to weave together different functions in your organisation. Imagine a time when most of the decisions are taken after taking references from real conversations with customers.

Key Benefits:

  1. Capture and transcribe conversations: Convin captures your customer conversations by using its in-house, patented speech-to-text engine to generate 100% accurate transcription.

  2. Conversation Intelligence: Convin analyzes the conversation for deal intelligence, opportunities, best sales practices, customer intelligence, and more to help sales reps effectively engage with the customers.

  3. Automated Quality Assurance: Convin perfoms automated call audits so you can spend less time finding errors and more time fixing them. It gives you a detailed view on call insights and quality & performance metrics.

  4. Automated agent coaching: Derive insights from call quality and factor analysis to provide personalized agent coaching automatically–removing human dependency–and encouraging high performance and high reward culture.

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