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Endear is the all-in-one clienteling solution for omnichannel brands. Endear's cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and messaging platform empowers two-way communication between retail sales associates and customers via text email, and WhatsApp. Endear also tracks messages and reports which items were purchased, where the sale occurred, and any returns associated, giving you better insight and control over resulting commissions.

One click integration - Our simple Zendesk integration requires no tech lift on your end. Once connected, you'll see all your support tickets start to populate in Endear customers' profiles.

Enhanced support - Work together across teams without stepping on toes. Know when a customer is looking for styling advice, or just wants to start a return, and be able to manage your messaging accordingly.

Smarter selling - Have all your customer's data displayed when you're messaging with them. View orders and returns history to better connect and recommend products accordingly.

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