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Olvy is an app for product teams that brings all your user feedback in one place to help you do your magic better and keep your users happy. With Olvy, you can quickly push customer feedback you receive to your product team to help them understand your users better, and ship things your users are asking for.

How it Works

Olvy's Zendesk App allows you to organise feedback you receive in your support tickets. You can then analyse all feedback you've received close the loop when something your users.

You can tag any ticket with the tag olvy (or your own one you can configure in Olvy settings) and it will automatically get added to your Olvy workspace.

If you have the sidebar app you can log a feedback into Olvy right from Zendesk and all details about who gave you the feedback are automatically captured.

You can also reply to the feedback you've received right from Olvy and your users automatically get notified in the same Zendesk ticket they gave you the feedback in.

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