External Data Viewer

Show ticket-related data from outside Zendesk in your agents` sidebar.

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External Data Viewer

This app shows your agents ticket-related information from outside Zendesk right in their sidebar, by connecting to a pre-configured external endpoint. For example, you might want to show:

  • Last orders made by the requester of a given ticket, stored in your CMS

  • Product details from your database

  • Additional personal data stored in your intranet

  • Invoices made by the client, from your CRM

  • Due payments

By using this app, you can present data to your agents without coding a custom Zendesk application.

You can also download your data as a JSON file, which can be useful for support or debugging.

Contact us if you need a more sophisticated integration. We will be happy to help.

How it works

When you install this app, you can enter a URL containing placeholders that will send the data you want to pass to your external system. For example: https://my-external-resource/orders/{{ticket.requester.email}}

Respira Internet

You may also add more information to your requests, such as authorization headers, to enhance security or to comply with your external system standards.

When the agent opens a ticket, the app will send a request to your endpoint containing the data represented by the placeholders. That endpoint must respond with some JSON data, that will be printed as it is on the agent workspace:

Respira Internet.

About Respira Internet

Hi there! We are Respira Internet, a small, Spanish based Zendesk Partner.

We help businesses of all sizes improve their Customer Support and other business processes by integrating Zendesk with the rest of their IT Systems.

We are your go-to Zendesk partner if you need to send WhatsApp Notifications automatically, a customized Zendesk app, a customized Zendesk Guide theme, or a quick and reliable Zendesk Onboarding service.

Contact us if you need a customized application, a customized theme, training or consulting services.

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Respira Internet
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Free 15-day trial, then $99.00 per agent, per month

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