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In-app Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Management (QM), and agent coaching

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The Maestro QA In App Experience for Zendesk.

Maestro QA makes QA / QM software for modern support teams. Our in-app experience with Zendesk lets agent and their managers review QA scores with Zendesk, to help drive agent coaching and report on quality of the agent support.

Etsy, Mailchimp, Peloton, and more use Maestro QA for quality assurance (QA) / quality management (QM) purpose to improve agent performance and enable amazing customer experiences through quality support experience.

The Maestro QA Quality Assurance In- App Experience enables you to:

  • Review agent tickets with a side-by-side QA scorecard view within Zendesk
  • Turn your agent QA score into a trusted KPI to measure agent performance and career progression
  • Identify training gaps for agent coaching opportunities
  • Drive agent coaching, learning, development, and retention
  • Improve key metrics through QA/QM insights and agent coaching sessions

Agent support teams and quality assurance (QA) / quality management (QM) leaders love to leverage Maestro QA to understand agent performance, find coaching opportunities and enable exceptional customer experiences.

By making my QA / QM process more efficient, I was identifying more valuable areas for opportunity & able to lead larger, more targeted projects. During the first 6-8 months of using Maestro QA our average QA / QM score increased from around 70% to 90%. Over the second half of the year, CSAT increased about 11%. We would not have seen those QA / QM score increases if I was still spending a day a week pulling reports and managing my team's daily tasks.

Sarah, CX Quality Manager

Maestro QA allows for seamless grading and grades sitting side-by-side in addition to allowing the agent to see the scorecard right within the review. Agents feel more empowered to resolve on their own.

Eric Komo, Leadpages, Technical Trainer

Want to know more about how quality teams use our quality assurance (QA) / quality management (QM) tool to empower their agents to provide higher quality services by getting the quality of their work graded and improved via agent coaching? View our customer case studies.

Have questions for our team?

Email us directly at or visit to chat with us to explore your quality assurance (QA) / quality management (QM) needs by evaluating quality of the agent support service, filling those gaps through agent coaching sessions.

Other info: - Request a demo of the full Maestro QA experience

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