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Demeter ICT Co., Ltd. is a provider of cloud technology services for mobile applications, eCommerce, and digital marketing. With a vision of being the leading provider of ICT cloud solutions for SMEs in the AEC, the company has focused on building a customer-centered ICT service. We help to enhance the competitiveness of Thai businesses and organizations with world-class ICT solutions and excellent service.

Demeter ICT has been named an official Google Cloud Provider (G Suite), and one of Google's G Suite Resellers. We offer other services such as Zendesk, mobile applications, Alibaba Cloud, web hosting, logging, system utilization. We also provide online marketing services in the form of search engine marketing and email marketing, and programming as per customer requirements.

Currently, we work with more than 2,000 corporate clients in Thailand and plans to expand its business to AEC members in the future. Demeter emphasizes strengthening the team's service by selecting only the best technology partners. We aim to provide customers with confidence that we will support your business or service user organization as it continues to progress and grow.

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