Dex is a beautiful and highly customizable theme for Zendesk Guide. It is designed to serve as a solid foundation on which to build an amazing knowledge base for your customers.
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*Requires Guide Professional or above

About the theme

Dex is a beautiful, professionally designed Zendesk theme that's packed full of features, including a prominent hero element with search functionality, category blocks with icons on the Home page, optional custom blocks, various navigation style options, callouts and much more. Everything can be branded and customized without code, making it easier than ever to launch a new help center.

Premium functionality that would normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars is included for free to make sure you can get the very most out of the theme and your Zendesk help center. Discover what makes Dex different today by starting a free 14 day trial!

Beautifully simple design

Dex is a modern, professionally designed theme that will delight your customers and make it easy for them to find what they're looking for. We've spent countless hours refining each page to ensure that you company is able to put its best foot forward.

Effortless branding and customization

Not a developer? Not a problem!

We've pushed theme settings to the absolute limit, giving you the ability to completely change the look-and-feel of your help center to match your company brand without the need for template changes or custom code. Our team has made the tough design decisions so you can focus on what's important: building an amazing help center.

One theme, unlimited possibilities

Our Zendesk themes are unique in that they're built on top of a powerful theming framework that allows elements and even entire layouts to be easily copied and pasted from our ever-growing Pattern Library.

Customizing the header and footer? Start with one of our ready-made examples. Looking for a different style of custom block on the Home page? Copy one from the library. Want a different Table of Contents style? We've got plenty to choose from.

You will not find this level of flexibility or control anywhere else!

Content elements that drive engagement

It's not just the page layouts that get special treatment. Our range of content and interactive elements like tabs, toggles and carousels apply structure to your articles making them more accessible and attractive to your visitors.

Zendesk theme extensions and content elements

Powerful extensions included for free

All of our themes now include our complete collection of premium Zendesk Guide extensions for free. Advanced navigation options, video library functionality, configurable notification and more can be added with a click and, best of all, absolutely everything can be customized. It's never been easier to realize your grand plans.

Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for advanced functionality when you can get it for free with every one of our themes?

Designed and built by professionals

The quality of our themes goes well beyond what you and your customers see. Our themes are built by top-notch web developers to be fully responsive, accessible and easy to maintain. The code is clean and full of comments to allow even someone who's new to web development to bring about significant changes.

We also design and build custom Zendesk themes, so if you'd like us to bring your help center vision to life please get in touch.

We stand by our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all themes, extensions and custom work giving you complete peace of mind.

Support when you need it

Our friendly support team is available to help answer your questions at any time in a fast and friendly manner. You can also find extensive documentation and guides covering common theme branding and customization activities on our website.

No hidden costs or restrictions

All of our prices are one-off and there are absolutely no ongoing costs. We also don't place any restrictions on how you can use your theme, as a free multi-brand license is included with every purchase.

One more thing...

Did you know you can get every theme in our collection for just $995?

Whether your company supports multiple branded help centers or you simply want the flexibilty to changes themes in the future, our complete Zendesk theme package will save you thousands of dollars. You won't have to worry about choosing a theme upfront as you'll get all current and future themes for a single, one-off price.

The Zenplates Complete Package containing all Zendesk themes and plugins

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