Highland is an accessible Zendesk theme that’s easy to brand. It has a lot more built-in settings that help you fully brand your theme without a single line of code.
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*Requires Guide Professional or above

About the theme

Too many themes, and hard to choose one? Let us help you.

You don’t have to be a professional developer

Highland’s extended built-in settings for easier customization allow you to save time and change the layout without a single line of code. But if you are web-savvy, feel free to play with clean code that is easy to maintain and modify.

And you can always reach out to Lotus Themes with questions or additional requirements for your help center. We are here to help you meet your unique needs and solve your business problems with an efficient custom self-service solution.

About the theme

Highland theme for Zendesk is for you if you’d like to create a help center that easily adapts to your clients. It allows you to get full control of a highly customizable help center homepage. You can arrange elements as you wish while keeping navigation super easy.

Enhance your theme with ready-made extensions, advanced branding and customization, and email branding.

The Highland theme is also accessible for people with disabilities. Your users can navigate the help center with the keyboard and screen readers, including formatting components in articles.

Header with new features

Three optional links that are edited in the settings. A dropdown menu with a list of categories for quick navigation. A badge displaying the number of new or open tickets.

Highland header

Main page that’s easy to customize without code

Highland main page

Inner pages

All help center pages are redesigned to offer a better customer experience. They contain a prominent search bar to help users find answers to their questions fast and easily.

Highland inner pages

Informative error page

The error page has become more friendly and useful. It’s no longer a frustrating message, but a source of helpful (promoted) articles and the “Submit a request” option.

Highland error page

Article page

Highland article page

“Print” button and styles in the article template allow users to print important content.

Submit a request page

A text box above the ticket form lets you put important information for your users before they start typing their requests.

Highland submit a request page

Article formatting options included

Make your content more attractive and easy to digest. Use tabs and accordions, customizable and callout blocks, Font Awesome, video, images, and other formatting options that are included in the theme.

Examples of additional formatting components

Ready-to-use extensions

Extend default Zendesk functionality with additional features like Side Navigation, Table of contents, Alerts, Contacts widget, Prev Next buttons, Community hot posts, Server status, Video gallery, Extra level of content, and Multiple templates for pages. You should buy these extensions separately, and they are fully compatible with all templates from Lotus Themes.

Easily customizable

You can do the branding in the theme settings without coding and customization with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The Highland template follows the industry code standards, and it’s well optimized. Its clean code helps you save time and money as it’s easy to read and modify for other developers.

Responsive and Retina-ready

All our themes look great and work properly on all kinds of devices.

Responsive and Retina-ready

Warranty against bugs

You get your problems fixed free of charge within three months after the purchase.

Support on demand

You can contact us at any time after the theme purchase and get assistance with your Zendesk Help Center.

Efficient delivery

Get a wide range of additional services quick and easy. We use curated solutions like branding and extensions and streamlined processes for customization. We value your time and don’t engage in endless negotiations for every small change.

Get the Highland theme branded and customized

Examples of the customized Flatrock theme

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Price (USD)
Standard license
Provides a pre-built theme that you can enable directly in your Help Center. Standard licenses don't provide access to the source code and only allow preconfigured settings.
Standard license : $ 589
Developer license
Provides a pre-built theme with access to the theme code, meaning you can customize the theme to your needs. Available for Guide Professional and Enterprise only.
Developer license : $ 689

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