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The Resilience GPS:
A Guide To Navigating Uncertainty

Headwinds continue to challenge economic recovery globally. The post pandemic rebound we were all hoping for seems set to be delayed by macro forces that threaten to prolong a climate of caution. We understand this can be worrying - and even frustrating. What we know for sure, in these uncertain times, is that it’s important to protect the relationships you have and to keep your customers - and your teams - engaged and happy. As in-person and digital environments continue to merge, companies need conversational tools to build relationships.

It’s good to talk - especially when things are a little challenging. As champions of customer service, we continue to see the value of conversation and maintaining open lines of communication to foster strong relationships. Our approach to Conversational CRM connects and integrates front and back offices to not only enable the front office to provide support, but also to provide a full range of intelligent, real-time data and services for customer engagement.

As businesses embrace hybrid work environments that blend remote and in-office work, employees have new needs and expectations. Personalised, data-driven service in a timely manner isn’t just for customers. Employee support teams also need an efficient, easy way to transform the way they work with capabilities such as simplified workflows and automation. Zendesk’s employee experience offering builds on over 15 years of providing the best customer service and brings together the Zendesk Suite, with additional capabilities like integrated self service, easy to use case management and Zendesk professional services.

This toolkit has a wealth of curated resources to guide your next steps in implementing the right tools to help you navigate challenges and harness opportunities.

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