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Zendesk AI makes service what it should be

Only Zendesk AI is built on billions of real customer service interactions. It understands customer experience, which means you unlock the power of personalised support from day one without extra work.

A person travelling with their luggage is on their phone sending a help request. The message reads, "Hey, can I upgrade my next using my mileage points?". The response reads, "Sure! Here's your updated booking." with their flight details attached.


Intelligence infused into every interaction

  • Automate the frontline

    Having too many customers is a good thing. Manage high demand with AI agents and resolve interactions with ease.

  • Give agents a boost

    Being an agent has never been easier. Offer agents AI tools that provide full context and guidance on how to approach interactions.

  • Operate at scale

    Get full visibility into how to optimise your service operations. Use AI to amaze customers, boost agent morale and streamline workflows.


Let AI agents pick up the slack

Zendesk AI agents are more intelligent, reliable and independent than the average bot. They provide real relief to human agents and know how to handle more complex interactions because customer service is what they do best.


Turn agents into top performers


Our intelligent AI assistant does more than advise. It takes action by offering response suggestions and actions to agents based on your business policies.

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Transform your entire customer experience

Automatically know what your customers want, how they feel and what language they speak. Go further and customise what to detect and capture so the information you care about is always front and centre.



Increase in CSAT


Decrease in response time

“Zendesk AI allows us to focus on things like quality and coaching, instead of wasting time reading through tickets and manually categorising.”

Ian Hunt

Director of Customer Service, Liberty London

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AI for Employee experience

Set your internal teams free

Assign repetitive requests to AI agents that come pre-trained on millions of HR and IT interactions. Route sensitive topics to the right teams, allowing everyone to focus on the right tasks.

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Advanced data privacy and protection

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Zendesk AI follows the same standards applied to all Zendesk products because keeping customer data safe is essential. For businesses that need more protection, our Advanced Data Privacy and Protection add-on provides the highest level of security.

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Frequently asked questions

Customers on Support and Suite Professional plans or above can use Advanced AI.

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