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State of Sales 2022

In <em> Wrangling the Disconnected Sales Organization,</em> Zendesk explores why many companies struggle to build a truly connected sales organization and why it’s critical to do so in the face of volatile market conditions and the dawn of conversational CRM.

If your sales organization isn’t unified with the broader business and is struggling to keep up with evolving technology and customer needs, it won’t be ready to withstand the challenges of the future. Businesses are already facing the harsh reality of customer impatience and market uncertainty—and sales teams must continue to hit revenue goals.

Zendesk surveyed 3,000 CRM decision-makers and influencers around the world about their CRM priorities, digital transformation progress, and more to better understand what’s most important to prioritize today and where businesses currently stand in a volatile market.

While sales orgs recognize that connecting sales teams with key customer insights within the business is essential to staying ahead of the competition, the reality is that most companies are struggling to chart a clear path forward. Nearly two-thirds of sales leaders say that their teams need to integrate sales tools to avoid losing business and that sales teams must be cross-functional to beat their competition. At the same time, sales teams are overwhelmed by the growing volume of sales tools, and the adoption of critical capabilities is lagging. Counterintuitively, many organizations plan to add more tools to the mix.

Download our report to understand the most pressing issues facing sales organizations today, what the dawn of conversational CRM means for your tech stack, and how you can come out stronger.

State of Sales 2022