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Messaging software

Deliver rich conversational experiences

Provide instant help on your website, mobile apps, social and business channels

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Complete messaging solution

Meet customers where they are

Customers expect great service across all channels. Messaging makes it easy to deliver personalised and engaging interactions — without the heavy lift. It comes with built-in automation and AI so you can serve more customers, and can be completely customised to meet your needs.

  • Loyalty

    Build and grow customer relationships by reaching out with contextual, timely interactions.

  • Speed

    Help customers do more themselves using bots and integrations, letting agents jump in only when necessary.

  • Personalisation

    Use customer data to initiate rich, interactive conversations that are tailored to their needs.


Enable 24/7 support

Enhance your agents by deflecting common questions with Zendesk bots. They deliver instant answers 24/7 across all of your service channels so customers never have to wait.

Web, mobile, social and business channels

Stay connected on any channel

Add messaging to your website or mobile app, popular social channels like WhatsApp or Facebook and business productivity tools like Slack to deliver instant support for customers, business partners and employees.

Agent workspace

All interactions in one place

Customer conversations and information live in a centralised workspace so agents get all the tools and customer context they need to provide personalised service across any channel.

Customisation tools

Make messaging your own

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Stylized screenshot: tickets created by month

Get ahead of your customers with outbound notifications on WhatsApp and SMS to drive customer engagement and prevent escalations.

Stylized screenshot: dashboard charts
Stylized screenshot: dashboard customization
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“Messaging made a huge difference by providing asynchronous communication that’s always available. Now it’s possible to meet the customer wherever they are across our website and channels.”

Aja Varney

Director of Global Customer Engagement at Spartan Race


One-touch resolution rate




Increase in self-service


Increase in help centre views

Customer service is hard. Zendesk makes it easier.