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Big Expectations, Small Businesses: What Customers Want - Australia

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When it comes to providing great customer service, the agility and personal touch of small businesses can often mean an advantage over their larger rivals. And the way a customer’s issue is handled can have profound impacts on future purchases. To better understand the connection between the customer service expectations and buying behavior, Dimensional Research set out to quantify the impact of customer service on business outcomes at small businesses.

Join our webinar with Dimensional Research, detailing the recent findings on Australian consumers. The study found that 70% of consumers don’t mind paying more if they get great customer service.

Here are some additional insights we’ll cover in the webinar:
● Customers expect better service when dealing with small businesses
● Customer service directly impacts the long-term revenue of small businesses
● Communication channels matter to customers of small businesses
● Steps you can take to improve your customer service

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Kan Kunimuraphoto

Kan Kunimura

Director of Small Businesses Accounts