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CX best practices: How APAC brands drive service excellence and efficiency

Learn how our APAC leaders were able to deliver exceptional customer experiences while driving operational efficiencies

In the changing landscape of business, where technology and automation promises efficiency, it’s easy to lose sight of the heartbeat of every business: people. Amidst the strategies aimed at enhancing customer experience (CX), there lies a fundamental truth often overlooked—the significance of prioritising people over processes. We’ll share how to take advantage of emerging tech to do that well, and at scale.

1. AI-Powered CX: Put artificial intelligence to work in ways that humanise, not mechanise.

The focus isn’t on implementing AI as fast as you can. It’s about how AI enriches interactive experiences and helps you create better customer experience with less effort on the mundane tasks, and how to avoid putting your customers in a frustrating ‘bot loop’ That’s a modern must, especially with 65% of CX leaders saying that traditional customer service methods are outdated and 73% reporting positive returns on investment (ROI) from AI-powered CX.

Our pillar focuses these efforts in three ways:

  1. Your knowledge base is a strategic asset and key to AI success.
  2. The customer journey goes even further with relevant recommendations.
  3. AI and agent support should be seamlessly bridged — and both should incorporate knowledge within conversations.

2. Optimise CX business operations: Create an environment that fosters real connections through effective groundwork.

For great CX, customers and employees must meet in the middle. That’s why business operations are a key element in improving CX. They’re the scaffolding for every interaction, experience and touchpoint — the underlying roadmap that makes the customer journey possible at all. Here, the focus is a delicate balance between people (employees and customers) and processes (workflows and strategies).

Here are key strategies to focus on:

  • Empowering agents with automation for better service, content creation and more.
  • Staying in control of internal and external data.
  • Finding and protecting the data necessary to deliver great CX.

3. Modern Employee Experience: Empower employees to take advantage of their talents.

Prioritising customers without making sure the support team is ready or equipped will be sure to set you back, while emphasising too much on business operations rather than what your people need is likely going to bring you the same results.

That’s why a modern, welcoming employee experience is key to excellence. Without it, your teams won’t have the tools, systems, processes or support they need to make your CX and operational goals a reality.

But EX is broad. How do you improve something that changes between departments, roles and even individuals? Here’s how top APAC brands break it down:

  • Build your EX around data-driven insights that represent real employee sentiment.
  • Provide customised visibility and access for improved confidence.
  • Prioritise data accuracy and completeness.

CX best practices: How APAC brands drive service excellence and efficiency