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Zendesk AI: Unlocking the power of AI across your entire service experience

At a time of sky-high customer expectations, staffing shortages, and economic uncertainty, AI helps customer service teams scale—and stay nimble.

By Jesse Martin, Staff writer

Last updated December 7, 2023

Service teams have a ton on their plates right now, and customers expect seamless, instantaneous customer support. And while AI can certainly be used to make support agents’ lives easier, it’s too difficult to implement without an army of developers and accruing high costs…right?

Not quite. Zendesk has made AI tools that are accessible to companies and teams of all sizes. In this report, Zendesk VP of Product Cristina Fonseca walks us through three new ways AI can be used by service teams to deflect common queries, create more efficient workflows, and fill in strategic gaps.

The full report includes:

  1. Insights on how companies of all sizes can benefit from AI to scale their customer service operations

  2. Innovative features that make AI accessible and easy to deploy

  3. Expert knowledge on how AI can help agents respond faster and smarter while reducing the burden on their service teams