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Never too much information

ASG instantly makes complex licensing crystal clear with Sunshine

ASG wants businesses to make the most out of their information assets and strives to be the only integrated platform for the information powered enterprise. With Sunshine, they built an app to surface customer entitlement and licensing data.

asg app
Eliminated 300+ triggers and business rules
Implemented in less than 1 MONTH
Platform components used:
Custom Objects

Business challenge

Licensing and entitlement information wasn’t visible to agents because of siloed data, and the retrieval process was manual and inefficient. Agents needed a way to get a complete view of the customer in one place so that they could know what services a customer had—and the corresponding entitlements.

Platform solution

With the help of one developer, ASG integrated customer entitlement and license data directly into Sunshine. They also built an app that would allow agents to look up customer organizations, and auto-populate the ticket with necessary information once selected. Now, agents no longer have to manually shuffle through data tables to see what version, entitlements, and licenses a customer has—creating a better experience for both the agents and their customers.