The perfect fit

Mizzen+Main ensures the perfect fit with Sunshine

Mizzen+Main combines comfort and flexibility with fit and style for the modern man on the move. With Sunshine, they built an app to give agents a full view of the customer—all within the Support interface.

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Implemented in less than 2 WEEKS

CSAT has increased 3% since Sunshine implementation

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Platform components used:

Events and Profiles

Business challenge

Mizzen+Main not only has a strong global e-commerce presence, but a massive in-store one as well. They’re featured in over 715 retail doors all over the world, which means that they talk to a lot of people. Unfortunately, siloed data meant that key insights like order history and shirt size weren’t readily available to aid them. Their goal was to tailor every agent interaction that they could —allowing them to make personalized recommendations to customers, no matter where they were.

Platform solution

Mizzen+Main partnered with Zaius to integrate their marketing CRM and order-management data into Sunshine using the Events and Profiles API. Their agents now have a full view of their customers—all within the Support interface. The app also allows agents to make product recommendations based on their previous purchases—boosting sales and smiles all around.

“In a matter of weeks, we were able to integrate data—like when a customer bought a shirt, the specific shirt they bought, their exact size, and even their birthday right into Zendesk Support.”

Sabrina Abney

Director of E-commerce at Mizzen+Main

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