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Meeting the advanced challenges of modern retail CX

The retail industry is undergoing a massive shift. Customers are demanding top-of-the-range digital and in-store experiences from the brands that they do business with. The rise of e-commerce has also reduced barriers to entry, giving customers more choices when shopping. With more options at their fingertips, customers can afford to be critical when deciding who should earn their business. They actively research prices, reviews and the overall level of convenience across different retailers before making their decisions.

This gives customers more power, and it puts the onus on retail brands to be competitive. With fair pricing no longer the sole deciding factor in customer loyalty, businesses must look for other ways to differentiate. According to the Zendesk Customer experience trends report 2020, 57% of consumers surveyed said that customer service was the most important attribute that makes them feel loyal towards a brand, making customer service, as well as overall customer experience, a great place to start.

In this white paper, you'll find:

  • A breakdown of the top 4 CX challenges for retail companies to overcome

  • Ways to future-proof your company's approach to CX

  • How technology can help teams deliver a better experience

  • Vertical-specific guidance for delivering a modern CX in retail

    Meeting the advanced challenges of modern retail CX