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84 motivational sales quotes to reignite your fire in 2023

Whether you need encouragement to meet your goals or comforting words after losing a deal, these inspirational sales quotes will do the trick.

By Donny Kelwig, Contributing Writer

Last updated January 4, 2023

On your journey to sales greatness, your morale and level of motivation can feel a bit like a roller coaster at times. And when you’re in a dip, inspiring words can help boost your spirits and keep you on course. Whether you’re struggling to meet your targets, feeling discouraged after a lost sale, or finding it difficult to focus, a few positive sales quotes can power you through challenging days.

We’ve compiled some of the most inspirational sales quotes from greats like Zig Ziglar and Jeffrey Gitomer, as well as original quotes from sales teams working hard in the trenches. After reading this collection of quotes, you’ll feel energized to complete your daily responsibilities, build strong relationships with potential customers, confidently tackle lost deals, and knock your quotas out of the park.

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Thrive in your sales career with the help of great sales quotes

Sales is a rewarding career, but it isn’t without obstacles. Like a distance race, it’s equally about mental fortitude as it is about technique. Potential customers won’t always want what you’re selling, major deals will fall through, and you might not meet your quota every quarter.

Use inspirational sales quotes to remember what’s important. We hope the quotes we shared can provide some much-needed motivation and reignite your drive to continue selling. Shifting your outlook is the first step toward enhancing your performance, so stay inspired and smash those sales goals!

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