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Reimagine Project Management

Episerver saves thousands of hours in project management each month with Sunshine

Episerver’s web content management software helps power websites for some of the world’s top brands. With Sunshine, they created a custom project management tool to help onboarding managers stay organized and track billable work effortlessly.

episerver app
1 dedicated developer
Implemented in less than a month
Platform components used:
Zendesk Apps Framework (ZAF); Custom Objects

Business challenge

Implementation projects were being manually tracked in Excel spreadsheets, which resulted in a lack of clarity and an end-of-month review cycle that took weeks to complete.

Platform solution

Using the Zendesk Apps Framework (ZAF), Episerver’s Director of Customer Success Operations created a customer project management tool that allows project managers to update and summarize projects through tickets stored as Custom Objects. The tool calculates what percentage of the project is completed based on the amount of open items, and gives project managers the ability to log billable hours right in Zendesk—allowing Episerve to centralize time card and billing data across dozens of project managers.

“The Sunshine framework helps us deliver additional features and functionality not native to the platform, and allows us to extend the capabilities of the product to meet our company’s unique needs. The app framework together with Sunshine provides me the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to customize and enhance Zendesk and allow our team to work efficiently and effectively”

Andrew Schreiner

Director, Customer Success Operations