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Hang up on siloed data

MCM says goodbye to siloed data with Sunshine

As the leading telecommunications provider for Latin America, MCM needed to easily find and sort through customer information. With Sunshine, they built an app to retrieve customer entitlement and license data from their internal database and Salesforce CRM.

mcm app
Implemented in less than 3 WEEKS
Platform components used:
Custom Objects

Business challenge

Agents struggled to access key customer data using manual, inefficient retrieval processes. They also received 20 different kinds of tickets, making it difficult for the team to know which ticket fields were required to fill out.

Platform solution

Using Custom Objects, MCM integrated data from disparate data sources, including Salesforce CRM, directly into Sunshine. MCM then created a dropdown sidebar app that would auto populate necessary data once the ticket type was identified. Before, agents jumped between multiple systems to aggregate data and guessed which fields to fill. Now, Sunshine allows them to work in one simple system — automating manual processes and leading to smoother communication between agents and customers.